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Q&A with DJ Yoda

What was your first ever wedding DJ experience like?

I’ve been DJing for over 20 years, but it was only about 10 years ago. And to be honest, I wasn’t good! I did what I would normally do in a club at 2 am, and quickly learned how wedding DJing is a different skill! Over the next few weddings I played at, I started to find a balance between playing a “DJ Yoda club set” and a “wedding set” – I’m really confident and happy with what I can do at a wedding now!


How do you like to open a wedding set?

It’s really important to get everyone into it straight away, so I like to go big and obvious to start with – you really can never go wrong with Michael Jackson or Prince.


Who would be in your dream wedding band?

Adam Sandler as the Wedding Singer! With The Muppets band backing him up. Why not.


You’re happily married, did you DJ at your own wedding? If not, who did you put that trust in?

DJing is my life and my work. I actually would have found it so distracting to have a DJ at my own wedding – so I went for something completely different – a 1930s-style swing band.


What was the most inappropriate song played at your wedding?

Well, I guess Glen Miller and Benny Goodman covers are all pretty inappropriate for a hip-hop DJ’s wedding?!


You’ve DJ’d all over the world, where would be your ideal “destination wedding” location?

There are so many special places I can think of for this – I feel really blessed to have DJ’d in some of the places I’ve been to. Anywhere with good weather and by the sea is always going to be good though. (On a purely selfish level I’d say Tokyo, just so I can go record shopping and eat sushi the following day please).


Have you ever been booked to do a Star Wars wedding? 

Haha – I did DJ for George Lucas once at the premiere of the last Star Wars movie. I got to meet the whole cast and I played a Star Wars-themed set. But a Star Wars wedding would be a new one for me.


Favourite wedding scene from any movie?

So many I could have listed here, but for some reason Goodfellas and The Godfather are the first to come to mind.


You’re friends with a host of world-famous DJs including Mark Ronson, Diplo, A-Trak to name but a few…which A-lister do you think could be the best “wedding” DJ?

I actually believe that you wouldn’t want an A-lister like that at your wedding, as it takes the focus away from the couple. I think it’s more important to find a really talented DJ who can accurately read a crowd in the heat of the moment – that’s gonna make for a much more memorable evening than everyone gawping at a celebrity DJ and waiting for photos and autographs!


Which rapper do you think would be the best toastmaster at a wedding? 

Someone authoritative, with a loud voice that everyone will shut up and listen to – I’m gonna say KRS ONE!


Jeremy Kyle recently asked us to play a Meatloaf song- what’s the strangest or worst request you’ve ever had to play?

I get the weirdest requests week in, week out. I find the weirdest to be when people ask “can you play R&B” when I’m already playing R&B, or “can you play drum & bass” when I’m already playing drum & bass. You’d be surprised how much that happens.


How deep is your Jewish wedding selection?

Well, I come from a Jewish background, so take a guess! That said, I once DJ’d a Greek wedding, and enjoyed doing the research to make sure I had the Greek bangers too!


Do you have a favourite way to end a wedding party? All out rave? Or tears/hugs on the dancefloor?

That’s very much one for reading the vibe of the night. A really good DJ has a sense of that as it happens!


You’ve recently opened up your own restaurant ‘Austen’s Smokehouse’ in North West London, are you interested in catering for events and weddings?

Haha – I don’t know how many people are gonna want pulled pork and ribs at their wedding – but if they do then Austen’s are happy to oblige!


Thanks for your time today Yoda!

*DJ Yoda is available to hire through our Headline Acts service. He’s also put together the playlist below J