Bringing good music to weddings since 2010


Wedding Smashers formed in 2010 when a shared love of Fleetwood Mac, 90’s Pop and UK Garage bonded DJs Max, Lucy and Noah in the holiest of musical matrimonies. Since then, the trio have added to their roster a hand-picked selection of London’s finest DJs, all united in their mission to play the tunes that will get you moving your feet, shaking your hips and have parents pulling borderline immoral shapes to.



“Before us, there was not a company out there providing music loving couples with an alternative wedding DJ service.”


The Originals

“Wedding Smashers was born through a meeting of musical minds, a pleasure in raiding our parents' record collections and a mutual love of unashamed party pop bangers."



To make sure all of our DJs provide the same high-quality service, we created a 10 step process to ensure any new members of team are LEGIT and WEDDING READY.

Artboard 12.Presentation Review: We review each DJ’s biography and look to ensure that they have the right look for a wedding1.Mix Review: We review 2–3 demo mixes to judge the DJ applicant’s overall skills based on song selection, mixing ability and overall set quality3.Club Residency Review: We check out our DJs past and current club gigs4.Interview: We conduct detailed interviews with each wedding DJ applicantReference Check: We check references for past employers for each prospective wedding DJ5. 7.Official Training: We provide an official training program, including a style guide, standards and official policies8. Tips and Tools: Once a DJ becomes part of the team, we continually provide the member with the latest information of DJ skills, equipment trends, music releases and moreClient Reviews: 10.9.In-person Performance: We attend performances of the prospective DJ to review their skill set, professionalism, song selection and more6.Trial events: We test the DJ applicant at our corporate events, before putting them on the wedding stageWe provide our wedding DJs with detailed reviews and ratings from our client base

Whether you like your DJs to be great selectors, mixers or scratchers, coming from a club, festival or house party background, we’re confident we have the right DJ for you!

Our Promise

WE ARE NOT going to talk inappropriately on the microphone.

WE ARE NOT going to play Gabba at your wedding!

WE ARE NOT going to play desperate songs to “please everyone”.

WE ARE NOT going to be ego driven and play what “we” want to hear.

WE ARE NOT going to play gangster rap during your dinner service.

WE ARE NOT going to play our set from Spotify or Youtube.


WE ARE going to play all your favourite tunes!

WE ARE going to read the crowd and build the energy accordingly.

WE ARE going to mix and blend tunes with love and passion.

WE ARE going to make you dance like crazy.

WE ARE going to make you laugh, sweat and cry.

WE ARE going to create lifelong memories.